What Oxytocin supplements can be used for?

In order to understand what oxytocin supplements can be used for, it is important to note what this amazing neurotransmitter can do for all of us. There was a study in which all the participants were divided into two groups. The first group was exposed to oxytocin and the other group was not. When the results of the study arrived, everyone was amazed because it was clear that the participants who were exposed to the hormone appeared to be almost 50% more trusting than the participants that were not exposed. The study proved what scientists had already suspected – in humans, this hormone has a major role on how we feel and behave.


It is known that this hormone is what is mainly responsible for maternal behaviour and the bonding between a mother and her child. But that is not all; the hormone is thought to be responsible for other types of bonding and especially for establishing trust among people, which is why there are various situations where the hormone can be put to good use.

In medicine, oxytocin can be used for treating all sorts of anxiety disorders and conditions. Because this hormone is able to affect social behaviour in a way that it makes people more relaxed, open and communicative, it is believed that the hormone can be used to treat autistic patients and patients who suffer from anxiety. The hormone will not instantly alter their behaviour, but it can possibly change how they feel and how they perceive the world around them, which is a big step forward when it comes to getting treated successfully.

Although it is still not clear whether or not some politicians use oxytocin in order to get more people on their side, it has been suggested that this can easily be done and that politicians can benefit from this hormone tremendously. Since the hormone helps people establish trust, politicians can use it whenever they speak in public and whenever they want people to trust them.

Business people and especially those that are interested in selling their products can also benefit from oxytocin supplements. They all depend on their talent and their skill to persuade their clients that their products or service is the best one that they can get. In order to do this, business people have to be extremely persuasive and they have to establish a bond between them and their customers. The supplements can help them do this.

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Last but not least, oxytocin supplements can help people with their relationships, especially if they are not satisfied with how things are going. When you think about the fact that people who are in love have higher levels of oxytocins present in their bodies, then the connection between romance and this hormone is more than obvious. The supplements can thus help people overcome difficult times and it can help them communicate and understand each other better. It can help them improve their relationship in a way that they never thought it was possible.

It is more than clear that oxytocin supplements are more than useful. They may not change your entire life, but they will help you improve it without a doubt.